Ultimate Truth

"God is also part and parcel of this dream world of ours. When we wake up from the dream called World, we realise only we exist as Brahman or Pure Consciousness (that is, Consciousness without any contents) - no God, no World. Who then is God? God is only Brahman with power of Maya (that … Continue reading Ultimate Truth

God Is Being Naughty

"God has put us in Double Jeopardy. Firstly, He makes us feel we have lost several things precious, like happiness, love, peace, and freedom. Secondly, he makes us search for those very things in the wrong places, namely, outside. Ah, God, how mischievous you are!!!"---D. Samarender Reddy

What Are You?

"Just because you believe strongly that something is true and it seems beyond doubt, it does not necessarily mean it is true. Right now you are believing strongly that you are nothing but the body-mind complex and it seems beyond doubt. But, is it necessarily true? Investigate."--- D. Samarender Reddy