Advaita Vedanta in a Nutshell

Advaita Vedanta says that the world is just names-and-forms whose underlying substance or reality is Consciousness or Awareness, much like a pot is just a name-and-form whose underlying reality or substance is clay. Just like a pot is a mere appearance and does not “actually” exist because what exists is only clay, similarly, the world … Continue reading Advaita Vedanta in a Nutshell

Shankara: How to Meditate for Self-Realisation| Vivekachuhdamani | Nididhyasana | Samadhi

Tom Das

Here is a collection of verses I have taken from Shankara’s Masterpiece Vivekachudamani focusing on the last step in the path to liberation, namely meditation or Nididhyasana, which as we shall see culminates in Samadhi.

In Vivekachudamani, the entire path to Moksha (Liberation), in which suffering is totally removed, is set out for us. Not only is the entire path explained in detail, but repetition of almost every point is made again and again to ensure that the meaning is clearly imparted and cannot be misunderstood. This text has been approved and recommended by all the great Advaita sages over the centuries, including Bhagavn Sri Ramana Maharshi who translated the entire work into Tamil for those around him who could not read the original Sanskrit.

The path starts with the seeker of liberation burdened with suffering approaching a self-realised teacher. The teacher then gives the verbal/conceptual teaching (sravana) and then contemplating…

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Consciousness is Everything

by Swami Khecaranatha in Sutra Journal (March 2016) Everything is Consciousness: It is the source of all life as well as the power of life itself. The purpose of spiritual practice is to understand and directly experience this ultimate truth, and furthermore, to discover that we are that Consciousness. In the nondual Kashmir Shaivite tradition of … Continue reading Consciousness is Everything