Whither Freedom?

"As long as you want to use the body-mind given you for your own purposes such as fulfilling your own petty little desires, you will be in trouble as you will be enmeshed in binding karma and its consequences in never-ending succession. The sooner you surrender your body-mind to God to use it as he … Continue reading Whither Freedom?

Aazaadi Aazaadi (a poem in Hindi)

Aazaadi aazaadi ke naare lagaa ke muth ghoomon Kyun chahiye tumhe aazaadi jub thum khaid hi nahin Aazaad ho aazaad ho, haan thum aazad ho abhi ka abhi Aazaadi tumhari usli naam hain, chodo doosre naam Thum kaali peeli sochne laghe ho ki thum aazaad nahin Tho aazaad ki talaash mein muth ghoomon saari duniya … Continue reading Aazaadi Aazaadi (a poem in Hindi)

The Right Use of Energy – J. Krishnamurti

Sat Sangha Salon

What is this energy which we all have?  This energy is thinking, feeling; it is interest, enthusiasm, greed, passion, lust, ambition, hate.  Painting pictures, inventing machines, building bridges, making roads, cultivating the fields, playing games, writing poems, singing, dancing, going to the temple, worshipping—these are all expressions of energy; and energy also creates illusion, mischief, misery.  The very finest and the most destructive qualities are equally the expressions of human energy.  But, you see, the process of controlling or disciplining this energy, letting it out in one direction and restricting it in another, becomes merely a social convenience; the mind is shaped according to the pattern of a particular culture, and thereby its energy is gradually dissipated.

So, our problem is, can this energy, which in one degree or another we all possess, be increased, given greater vitality—and if so, to do what?  What is energy for?  Is it the…

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