Free Will

Since we ourselves Do not know What we will say Or do tomorrow, Impelled as we will be By the unfolding State of the universe At each particular moment, It will be laughable If we swear by Free will - But sometimes we get lucky And say and do tomorrow What we plan on today.

Problem of Free Will In the above video (7:43 min long), Richard Holton discusses the classic philosophical problem of free will --- that is, the question of whether we decide things for ourselves, or are forced to go one way or another. He distinguishes between two different worries. One worry is that the laws of physics, plus facts … Continue reading Problem of Free Will

Free Will Is A Myth – 5 Accounts

Sam Harris on Free Will Free Will Is A Myth - GP Walsh "The myth of free will" - Suzan Blackmore Is Free Will A Myth Or A Fact? - Robert Scheinfeld The Myth Of Free Will – Kerin Webb  

The Holographic Universe (Scientific Model of Advaita)

The following Youtube videos do a very good job of explaining why the world is an illusion, a mere appearance, one that supports the concept of Maya in religions like Hinduism. They also talk of other things like The Double Slit Experiment, Free Will, Consciousness, etc. THINK OF IT AS THE SCIENTIFIC MODEL OF ADVAITA. … Continue reading The Holographic Universe (Scientific Model of Advaita)

Schrodinger On Determinism and Free Will

Following is the Epilogue in Erwin Schrodinger's book "What Is Life?" (Note: Schrodinger was an Austrian physicist who developed a number of fundamental results in the field of Quantum Mechanics, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1933)   Epilogue: On Determinism and Free Will As a reward for the serious trouble I … Continue reading Schrodinger On Determinism and Free Will