Free Will

Since we ourselves Do not know What we will say Or do tomorrow, Impelled as we will be By the unfolding State of the universe At each particular moment, It will be laughable If we swear by Free will - But sometimes we get lucky And say and do tomorrow What we plan on today.

Taqdeer (a poem in Hindi)

Haathon ke lakiro mein Apni taqdeer nahi hai Hai kahin chupi to sirf woh Apni soch mein chupi hai Badlo apne vichaar aur khayaalaat Aur dekho kaise dheere dheere Haathon ke lakir badalthe hai. To phiro math unke peeche padho Jo thumare taqdeer ke charche kare Kisko patha hai is ambar ke neeche Tumhari agli … Continue reading Taqdeer (a poem in Hindi)

How To Live in the World – Ramana Maharshi’s Advice

Why should your occupation or duties in life interfere with your spiritual effort? For instance, there is a difference between your activities at home and in the office. In your office activities you are detached and so long as you do your duty you do not care what happens or whether it results in gain … Continue reading How To Live in the World – Ramana Maharshi’s Advice

Free Will Is A Myth – 5 Accounts

Sam Harris on Free Will Free Will Is A Myth - GP Walsh "The myth of free will" - Suzan Blackmore Is Free Will A Myth Or A Fact? - Robert Scheinfeld The Myth Of Free Will – Kerin Webb  

Ramana Maharshi on Free Will and Destiny

The Ordainer controls the fate of souls in accordance with their past deeds. Whatever is destined not to happen will not happen, try how hard you may. Whatever is destined to happen will happen, do what you may to stop it. This is certain. The best course, therefore, is to remain silent. (Source: Questioner: “Are … Continue reading Ramana Maharshi on Free Will and Destiny

Nisargadatta Maharaj on Karma or Destiny

Karma, or destiny, is an expression of a beneficial law: the universal trend towards balance, harmony and unity. At every moment, whatever happens now, is for the best. It may appear painful and ugly, a suffering bitter and meaningless, yet considering the past and the future it is for the best, as the only way … Continue reading Nisargadatta Maharaj on Karma or Destiny