Ramana Maharshi on Death

The following views of Ramana Maharshi on death are extracted from the book Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, published by Sri Ramanasramam and available for free download here - https://www.holybooks.com/talks-sri-ramana-maharshi/ News of someone’s death was brought to Sri Bhagavan. He said, “Good. The dead are indeed happy. They have got rid of the troublesome overgrowth … Continue reading Ramana Maharshi on Death

No Such Thing as Death

Don't forget, there is no such thing as death. What "dies" (or gets broken) is name-and-form called pot, while nothing happens to the clay. And, the pot does not actually "exist" as it is a mere name-and-form that "appears to exist" and so, even the pot does not die because how can something that did … Continue reading No Such Thing as Death