Ana al-Haqq

Every role in life is suspect I disdain all roles The role of poet or philosopher The role of politician or psychotherapist The role of philanthropist or parent Do those filling these roles "know" And if they do What is "it" That they know Methinks not the "Truth" For none of them says "Ana al-Haqq" … Continue reading Ana al-Haqq

The Absolute Truth of Nisargadatta Maharaj

from I Am That: Dialogues with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj Maharaj: You are all drenched for it is raining hard. In my world it is always fine weather. There is no night or day, no heat or cold. No worries beset me there, nor regrets. My mind is free of thoughts, for there are no desires … Continue reading The Absolute Truth of Nisargadatta Maharaj