Upanishads vs. Western Philosophy

He who reads and understands the Upanishads says: 1. The Truth is Consciousness (Prajnanam Brahma). (ontology) 2. I am the Truth (Aham Brahmasmi). (ontology) 3. You, too, are the Truth (Tat Tvam Asi). (ontology) 4. There is nothing other than the Truth (Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma). So, it is a metaphysics of Nonduality, with only one … Continue reading Upanishads vs. Western Philosophy


VEDIC HERITAGE PORTAL http://vedicheritage.gov.in/ The main objective of the portal is to collate the following information for making the same accessible online and to provide a forum for further dialogue: 1. Introduction and structure of the Vedas including Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda. 2. Recitations / chanting (Veda Paath) of Vedic Samhita practiced in different … Continue reading VEDIC HERITAGE PORTAL

Clay Pot Analogy – Name-and-Form

The clay pot analogy helps you understand why the world is merely names-and-forms, whose underlying substance or reality is Consciousness, much like a pot is mere name-and-form, whose underlying substance or reality is clay. Understand this simple analogy, and you will be able to explain to yourself all the facets and implications of the whole … Continue reading Clay Pot Analogy – Name-and-Form