O, Martin Luther King I, too, have a dream But as I understand it Nothing ever happens Without His willing it So, what matters it If I have a dream or not. Even if there's a dream Is it really my dream Or is it God Making the dream happen Without my agency And making … Continue reading Inshallah


It is time to go back in time To when innocence reigned, Where the past was a blur And the future too distant, And time stood still As with a wondering eye You surveyed the heavens Or beheld a flower without the urge to pluck. Time to go back in time To when Names were … Continue reading Innocence

Universe and Us

That which spins and rushes the planets Moves me too. That which sets the rivers rolling Over mounts, plains and vales Moves the blood Coursing in my veins. Mysterious though the universe is Tantalizing and vexing the astronomer, More mysterious still are we Eluding the grasp of even the philosopher.

The Season of the Pursuit of Truth

Who knew that the time No less than three palmists predicted That come 2020/2021 I would cut down my activities And devote more time to spiritual sadhana Would come a trifle sooner than they predicted But hail to the smell of joy and freedom From the many cares and skirmishes That social media, Or for … Continue reading The Season of the Pursuit of Truth