Appeal to the Hindu

O Hindu
Heir to the Upanishads
How the world must envy thee
When they understand
The truths of your secrets.

O Hindu
Heir to the Gita
How many must be the dilemmas
When you come face to face
With your own spirit of renunciation.

But, O Hindu,
What is this frowning face
The moment you see
Christ on a Cross
Or a bustling mosque.

O Hindu
Have you not been taught
To see Krishna’s hand
Behind the crucifixion and Cross
Behind the Sharia and the Ulema.

O Hindu
Why do you flail thus
Like a fish struggling on land
When I take the name of Allah
Or kiss the Christian on the forehead.

O Hindu
I’m afraid you take temples as seriously
As a Christian takes his Cross
Or the Muslim his Sharia
And therein lies the road to strife.

O Hindu
Have you forgotten Advaita
One that teaches that You Are God
And so is everyone else
As rightly understood.

O Hindu
Who are you at war with
If there is no one else
But your own forms
In this whole wide universe.

O Hindu
Let these four words
Be the foundation for a new religion
Far more glorious than any
Silence, Compassion, Love and Surrender.

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