On Caste

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I am quite comfy being a Reddy
Whatever being a Reddy connotes
I am sure it connotes something
Sharing as Reddys perhaps must do
Some common characteristics
Whereby you can see a stranger and exclaim
Ah! There goes a Reddy
No?!!! If not, of what use is such an appellation
When you cannot mark out a Reddy
When you accost one on the street
Ok, looks may not be enough
How about his body language, his speech
His views on the economy or politics
Surely something must distinguish him/her
From the rest of the blokes
Not Sure?!!! Well, then, unless you know
His full name, including his surname
You bloody hell cannot pigeon hole him
Of what use are your theories of caste
To me who is trying to make sense of it.

Let me backtrack a bit and survey differently
If the forces that shape me, be it genes or environment
Are largely different from the ones that shape
Another Reddy or another non-Reddy
Then how can we see eye-to-eye on any issue
Or have same preferences and same personalities
Same predilections and same peculiarities
Same pusillanimity or same perfections
Same philosophy or same pelf
And if these all not be the same
In what sense do two Reddys, whosoever they be,
Belong to the same caste?

Something there is that doesn’t love a caste
Something that is that does not also love
Gender, nationality, religion, race, language
And that something, my dear friend,
Is nothing but Love,
Love of the kind that Jesus preached
Love of the kind that Buddha embodied
Love of the kind that Krishna stood for
Love of the kind that Mohammad understood
Love of the kind that God Is.

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