The Season of the Pursuit of Truth

Who knew that the time
No less than three palmists predicted
That come 2020/2021
I would cut down my activities
And devote more time to spiritual sadhana
Would come a trifle sooner than they predicted
But hail to the smell of joy and freedom
From the many cares and skirmishes
That social media,
Or for that matter any social encounter,
So, goodbye WhatsApp, goodbye Facebook
Goodbye, too, Twitter and my WordPress blog
Not to mention LinkedIn and GoodReads
Ah, what a long list, which perhaps also has
Pinterest somewhere in it
And I am proud to say
I was never a part of Instagram.
Some may say, “Sam, that is okay
Well and good
But what about me
Who have taken delight in reading your posts
Why do you want to deny me
That enjoyment and edification?”
To that I say,
“Hey, whatever is conveyed through words
In this realm of duality
Is no knowledge at all, but mere hogwash
So, set no store by it
Except the name-and-form analogy
Of the Clay and Pot
Which my good friend Syamala Konda
So charmingly described as Clayopatra
Yes, pay attention to that analogy
And it will reveal to you
All the secrets of Advaita
Should it interest you
Rest all being trite tattle
And I am tired of explaining that analogy again
For I have done it several times in the past
So, then, if you say
But what about some communication
Or the other from you
All I can say is
Call me or show up at my doorstep
And I am sure to give you company
Mostly in silence
And if you find that too terrible
Then maybe I will speak a word or two.”

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