My Silence

People often ask me
“Hey, why do you not
Raise your voice
When so much is going on
All around you,
The kind
That makes your blood boil
And gives you sleepless nights?”
I say to them,
“How do you know
I am not?
My silence
Need not be construed
As consent.
There is much churning
Of the powers that be
In the cauldron
Of true silence
Which packs enough power
To shatter to smithereens
All other powers that there be
However powerful they be
If their power is misaligned
To what is conducive
To the maintenance of Rta.
In this I believe
And hence keep silent
Because I strongly believe
God knows
How to take care of his world
Without me lifting a finger
And God is not just in Heaven
But is the fuel behind every thought
That courses through your mind.”

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